Stock Ideas
Stock Ideas identifies potential winning stock picks from top performing hedge funds based on HedgeMind's rigorous research and proprietary indicators. It's designed to help investors get actionable investing ideas quickly and easily.
High-Conviction Buys
This stock list uncovers the most attractive buying opportunities timely for you to take actions ahead of the crowd. Our proprietary machine learning engine analyzes the most recent stock buys of 400+ top hedge funds based on important factors including aggregated purchase price, time to acquire the shares, and position sizing relative to top holdings of hedge fund portfolio. This data crunching process identifies stock ideas that top managers highly expect to outperform the market and contribute significant returns to their portfolios.
Stocks Hedge Funds are Buying Now
No matter what kinds of stocks you are interested in, Tech, Biotech, or even Penny Stocks, you will find fresh investment ideas here. This stock list presents new investment opportunities that hedge funds found attractive to put new money to work.
Hedge Fund Trade Spotlight
Hedge Fund Trade Spotlight highlights trades that reveal important trading strategies of top hedge fund managers. These winning investors have strong ownership of the chosen stocks, which represents significant values in their hedge fund portfolios ‐ they are some of the best stock picks of successful hedge funds.
High-Conviction IPO Stocks
High-Conviction IPO Stocks consists of IPOs in which fundamentally driven hedge funds have a large stake, typically 5% or more ownership and hold as top 10 holding in their portfolios. IPO stocks are where you may catch some of the biggest winners in the stock market. This stock list offers you the opportunity to leverage stock picking skills of top hedge funds and to buy tomorrow’s best stock ahead of the crowd.
Biotech Stocks that Hedge Funds are Buying
Biotech investing is not for the faint of heart; but for those willing to take the risk and do the homework, it can be very rewarding. To be a smart biotech investor, you want to know what top biotech focused hedge funds are buying. Stocks in this list offer you opportunities to bet on the same side of the smartest biotech investors.
Top Undervalued Stock Picks
Top Undervalued Stock Picks presents stocks that some of the most successful value investors have acquired significant stake recently. These stocks were uncovered based on HM’s research and proprietary indicators. We believe they represent the best undervalued stocks you may find in the market today and profitable long term investment opportunities for the disciplined and patient investors.
Activist Big Bets
Activist investors are known for their unwavering desire to unlock value from their target company and pursue maximum return for their investments. If you can stomach the ups and downs of their stock picks, we offer a few stock ideas for you to invest like activist hedge funds.
50 Stocks that Matter Most to Hedge Funds
50 Stocks that Matter Most list is produced based on similar criteria that Goldman Sachs uses to construct Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund VIP Index. It contains the stocks that appear most frequently among the top ten holdings in portfolios of HedgeMind Hedge Funds.

This "Matter Most" stock list matches 80% or more of stocks in the Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund VIP Index, and, it is accessible for your investment benefit. So before you decide what stocks to buy, do not forget to check out these 50 very important stocks.

50 Most popular Stocks among Hedge Funds
50 Stocks with the largest number of HedgeMind Hedge Funds.

It is often very interesting to compare this list with 50 Stocks that Matter Most to Hedge Funds and study the difference between these two stock lists.