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HedgeMind 1000
HedgeMind 1000 (HM 1000) consists of 1000+ hedge funds that are handpicked from 7,000+ institutional investors who are actively filling Form 13F with SEC. These hedge funds employ one or more hedge fund investment strategies as defined by Hedge Fund Research. HedgeMind 1000 hedge funds include some of the most successful and largest hedge funds in the world as well as many newly launched emerging hedge funds we have continuously discovered.
Institutional Investors
Institutional Investors include all hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, endowment funds, and other institutions that must report US exchanged equity holdings on Form 13F with SEC.
Other Filers
Other Filers shows 13D-G filings reported by any entities or individuals who are not part of the HM1000 or Institutional Investors. These filers are not reporting US exchanged equity holdings on Form 13F with SEC.
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