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Stock Ideas
Stock ideas from top performing hedge funds based on HedgeMind's rigorous research and proprietary indicators.
Real-Time Insights and Alert
One of the most powerful features of HedgeMind — Analyze overall trending of hedge funds holdings, discover and validate stock ideas using Hedgemind's proprietory indicators: Hedge Funds Sentiment and High-Conviction Buys/Sales.
HedgeMind Sentiment
A must-have Hedge Funds Sentiment indicator for you to follow the smart money.
High-Conviction Buys/Sales
Put your money where top money managers bet strongly.
Hedge Fund Portfolios
Learn stock picking and portfolio management skills from 400+ world’s best investors.
HM Pro Stock Screener
Use this most versatile stock screen to analyze hedge funds holdings any way you want.
Find a Hedge Fund to Follow
Warren Buffett or George Soros, whom to follow? Find your perfect match.
Consensus Stock Picks
Find out top 100 stock picks loved the most by hedge funds.
Hedge Fund Managers
Identify and follow top-performing investors that fit your investment style and sector interest.
Institutional Portfolios
With 4000+ Institutional investors and their portfolios at your fingertips, you are sure to find your match no matter which investing style fits you the best.
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