HedgeMind Color Code
HedgeMind Color Code enables an extra dimension of data visulization
New Buy
Sold Out
In HedgeMind, a collection of stock data (for example, stock holders of AAPL) is often presented in a color coded tile layout so that, at a glance, you see a color map of buys and sells. It enables you to quickly get an idea of whether there are more buys or sells and immediately recognize new buys from increased buys and sold out from decreased ownership.
Quick Look at HedgeMind
Here you see the stock price & price change at daily close
Price is meaningful only
when compared to
meaningful references
Key Finding
How the current stock price compares
to the price range in which
hedge funds bought and sold
Here you see a simple bar chart representing the price range of AAPL in 20Q3 with red corresponding to Q Low, green Q High.

You can see how the last close price compares to the quarterly average price and the price range in which hedge funds traded.
Here you choose to see AAPL stock holders among HedgeMind Core Managers
HedgeMind Core Managers represents 300+ of HedgeMind Hedge Funds that select investments based on fundamental analysis, construct conviction-weighted portfolios, and maintain a long-term investment strategy. We believe they are the most valuable for investors to follow and invest alongside.
You can also choose to see the stock holders among 800+ HedgeMind Hedge Funds or 5000+ Institutional Investors.
We believe HedgeMind Core Managers
are the most valuable for investors
to follow and invest alongside
Here you see the number of stock holders and the total AAPL shares they hold
  • 64 of HedgeMind Core Managers holding total 999,524,599 shares.
  • 13 of 64 are new buyers holding total 1,058,215 shares,
  • 10 of 64 are increased buyers holding total 2,033,759 share, and so on.
  • 27 of 64 are High-Conviction Holders with AAPL as top 10 holding.
Here you see data of AAPL stocks holders among the core managers, in color coded

You may use
Sort by
to order holders to easily see who owns, buys, or sells the most shares and so on.
  • The colored tiles form a map of buy and sell giving you a quick idea of whether there are more buyers than sellers, or vise versa.
  • Warren Buffett is the top holder who owns 944,295,554 shares representing 48% of his portfolio value. He recently sold 36,326,710 shares, approximately 3.7% of his previous position.
  • Crake Asset Management LLP is an increased buyer. The fund bought 258,860 shares, which represents 42.3% of its total 612,060 shares.
  • Greenwoods Asset Management LTD is a new buyer, therefore 100% of its shares are newly purchased.
The double arrow at the bottom of each data tile shows/hides extra information about the stock holder. For example, if you click on at the bottom of Panayotis Sparaggis' data tile, you will see what's described in the next slide.
3 Key Focuses
Top share holders, like Warren Buffett
Buyers with at least 50% new shares
High-Conviction holders
Once you clicked on at the bottom of Panayotis Sparaggis's data tile, you discover more details —

Here you see hedge fund manager Panayotis Sparaggis with a indicating he's one of the Top Performing Managers. You also see his AAPL position details:
  • Sparaggis recently sold 2,215,000 shares to hold 4,149,000 shares
  • The current portfolio weight of his AAPL position is 2.06% as of 2020-12-04
  • His cost basis of AAPL position is estimated to be $472M, or $74/Share
As shown here, Panayotis Sparaggis's AAPL position has gained $277M or 59% as of 2020-12-04.
Key Takeaway
Cost Basis, the size of investment,
reflects the manager's conviction in the stock
Here you see Sparaggis's holding history of AAPL
  • Sparaggis started buying AAPL in 20Q1, when the price range was between $56 and $82
  • Sparaggis bought more in the following quarter
  • When AAPL gained about 50% in 20Q3, he cashed out 35% of his position
Here you see HedgeMind Stock Rating: AAPL - Netural, ROKU - Accumulate, NFLX - Reduce.
HedgeMind Stock Rating combines all HedgeMind proprietary key metrics and indicators including HedgeMind Sentiment (see next slide), the number of holders among HedgeMind Core Managers, the aggregate shares held by these managers, and the trends of the analytic metrics to rate stocks as Accumulate, Neutral, and Reduce.
Popularity Rank is a scale from 1 (least) to 99 (most). 98 means ROKU is in the top 2% of the mostly widely held stocks among HedgeMind Core Managers.
Key Takeaway
HedgeMind Stock Rating can be
your starting point of due dilligence
when you try to decide to buy or sell a stock
Here you see HedgeMind Sentiment of AAPL in 20Q3
Key Term
HedgeMind Sentiment measures the percentage of HedgeMind Core Managers who expressed bullish (buying), bearish (selling), or neutral views on the stock through factors including trading activities, position weight, and relative size of changes. It is aggregated and calculated on a quarterly basis.
Here you see AAPL price data superimposed on a histogram of HedgMind Sentiment data
Key Insights
The change of HedgMind Sentiment tends to
correlate closely to stock price movement
Here you see the key stats of AAPL holdings
  • 64 or 17% of HedgeMind Core Managers hold AAPL in 20Q3
  • Together they hold approximately one billion of AAPL shares, a decrease of roughly 63 millions over 20Q2
  • They bought around 1.5M shares (Shares Inflows) and sold 64M Shares (Shares Outflow), generating a net outflow of 63M
This histogram shows AAPL holders as % of the core managers
  • Increase in holders % from quarter to quarter indicates more core managers initiated new AAPL positions
  • Decrease in holders % Q/Q indicates more more managers cashed out AAPL
This histogram shows PINS holders as % of the core managers
  • Increase in holders % from quarter to quarter indicates more core managers initiated new PINS positions
  • Decrease in holders % Q/Q indicates more more managers cashed out PINS
Key Insights
Hedge Funds tends to start small and
gradually buy more to build up their positions.
More new holders, more potential future buyers.
Here you see little change in the total AAPL shares held by the core managers in the last three years
Here you see significant increase in the total PINS shares held by the core managers in the most recent 3 quarters in a row
Key Takeaway
Rising Shares held by HedgeMind Core Managers
is an early indicator of potential increase of stock price
Here you see share and money flows of AAPL holders
  • Share Inflows represents the total shares bought by the core managers
  • Share Outflows represents the total shares sold by the core managers
  • Money Inflows represents the new money that core managers used to purchase the shares
  • Money Outflows represents the amount of money that core managers cashed out by selling shares
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