HedgeMind Key Terms
HedgeMind Core Managers
HedgeMind Core Managers represents 300+ of HedgeMind Hedge Funds that select investments based on fundamental analysis, construct conviction-weighted portfolios, and maintain a long-term investment strategy. We believe they are the most valuable for investors to follow and invest alongside.
HedgeMind Hedge Funds
HedgeMind Hedge Funds consists of 1000+ hedge funds that HedgeMind meticulously analyzed and selected from 5,000+ institutional investors. They represent some of the most successful hedge funds in the world.
HedgeMind Sentiment
HedgeMind Sentiment measures the percentage of HedgeMind Hedge Funds whose managers expressed bullish (buying), bearish (selling), and neutral views on the stock through factors including trading activities, position weight, and relative size of changes. It is calculated on quarterly basis.
HedgeMind Stock Rating
HedgeMind Stock Rating combines all HedgeMind's key metrics and indicators including HedgeMind Sentiment, changes in shares held by hedge funds and number of holders, and trends of these analytic metrics to rate stock as Accumulate, Neutral, and Reduce. Investors can use HedgeMind Stock Rating as your starting point to search for stocks to buy or sell and further perform your own due diligence.
High-Conviction Holders
High-Conviction Holders are hedge funds that hold a stock as a top 10 holding in their portfolios.
Holding Period
Holding Period represents average holding length of majority of stocks that a hedge fund have invested. Short term is less than 1 year, Medium term is between 1 and 3 years, Long term is greater than 3 years.
Institutional Investors
Institutional Investors include all hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, endowment funds, and other institutions that must report US exchanged equity holdings on Form 13F with SEC.
Investment Size
Investment Size is the aggregate purchase price of the shares owned by a hedge fund
Money Inflows
Money Inflows represents the total amount of new money that stock holders invested to buy stocks in the latest filing period.
Money Outflows
Money Outflows represents the total amount of money that stock holders cashed out by selling stocks in the latest filing period.
Put/Call Ratio
Put/Call Ratio = (Put options held by stock holders) / (Call options held by stock holders). It can be used to gauge overall sentiment of stock holders regarding a particular stock expressed through their option holdings.
Shares Inflows
Shares Inflows is defined as the total number of shares that were bought by stock holders in the latest filing period.
Shares Outflows
Shares Outflows is defined as the total number of shares that were sold by stock holders in the latest filing period.
Simulated Performance
Simulated Performance represents investment results of a "model" portfolio where the portfolio does not include any actual assets under management.
Success Rate
Success Rate is calculated by dividing the number of winning stocks by the total number of all stocks a hedge fund has traded.
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