HedgeMind Update
2017-08-20 19:04:29 (ET)
Jun 4, 2017
We just published the newly designed home page and two new Stock Ideas lists, High-Conviction Buys and New Stock Picks.

The new home page presents exciting content that is daily updated to help you keep abreast of new investment opportunities recently discovered by hedge funds.

High-Conviction Buy
A showcase of stock ideas that top hedge funds demonstrated great conviction with their money. They represent probably the best stock picks of hedge fund managers.
Update frequency: Any moment.

5 Top Performing hedge funds
Each day we present 5 hedge funds with the most gain QTD based on their style or focus. It is the easiest way for you to find out who are today’s top performing manager and what winning stocks are behind their superior performance.
Update frequency: Daily

New Stock Picks
Hedge funds disclose their latest stock buys every day. Make sure to visit often so that you can catch the newest investment opportunities ahead of everyone else.
Update frequency: Daily

13D/G Real-Time Monitor
Stock can move dramatically when notable hedge fund managers like George Soros or Bill Ackman report the latest buy or sale. These may be the greatest trading opportunity but only available to the prepared mind.
Update frequency: Any moment.

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