HedgeMind Key Terms
Fundamental Hedge Funds
These is a group of hedge funds whose managers select their investments based upon fundamental analysis. HedgeMind currently tracks portfolios of 360+ fundamental hedge funds.
HedgeMind Hedge Funds
The HedgeMind Hedge Funds universe currently tracks 400+ hedge funds that have been founded or managed by some of the best and most successful hedge fund managers in the world. Many of them are legendary investors including Warren Buffett, George Soros, Julian Robertson, Stanley Druckenmiller, Steve Cohen, David Tepper, and many more. Some are hedge fund rising stars and tomorrow’s titans. The hedge funds on HedgeMind were mostly selected by HedgeMind from Top Hedge Fund Rankings lists published by Bloomberg, Forbes, and Barron’s.
HedgeMind Indicators
HedgeMind key metrics and proprietary indicators are derived based on equity holdings of Fundamental Hedge Funds.
HedgeMind Stock Spotlight
The HedgeMind Stock Spotlight highlights stocks that may be significantly affected by the latest hedge fund trades or the company news like earnings reports & M&A. We may also share some of the winning stock in our exclusive Stock Ideas lists. Stocks in the HedgeMind Stock Spotlight may be updated anytime. Watch closely and don’t miss out potential big stock winners.
HedgeMind Rating
The HedgeMind Rating is the consensus opinion that hedge funds expressed through their latest stock trades. It combines all HedgeMind’s key metrics and proprietary indicators into three easy to understand stock ratings: Accumulate, Neutral, and Reduce. The HedgeMind Rating also includes the stock price as an important factor in determining the rating for a stock.
Not all stocks are rated by HedgeMind. Only stocks that have five or more hedge fund owners will be rated based the HedgeMind Rating System. Approximately 1000 stocks each quarter meet this criteria out of roughly 4400 stocks that have at least one hedge fund holder.
The HedgeMind Rating is updated quarterly after 13F holding data is reported by hedge funds.  But it may also be updated whenever significant hedge fund trades are disclosed in 13D/G filings or stock’s price has experienced dramatic change that may affect the rating calculations significantly.
HedgeMind Sentiment
HedgeMind Sentiment measures the percentage of HedgeMind Hedge Funds managers who expressed bullish (buying), bearish (selling), and neutral views on the stock. It is calculated on quarterly basis.
Overall sentiment is driven by a number of factors including these hedge fund managers' activities, portfolio composition, and their stock-picking success rate.
High-Conviction Holders
The High-Conviction Holders are hedge funds that hold stock as top 10 holding.
A high conviction buyer is a hedge fund manager who bought a stock as a new top 10 with change rate greater than 50%; whereas ia high conviction seller is a hedge fund manager who sold a previous quarter top 10 stock with change rate greater than 50%.
Popularity Ranking
Popularity Ranking measures how widely a stock is held among hedge funds by comparison among all stocks. It takes into account stock’s portfolio weight and shares owned by hedge funds.
  • The ranking scale is from 1 (least) to 99 (most)
  • 95 means the stock is in the top 5% of the mostly widely held stocks among hedge funds
Use Popularity Ranking to help you focus on the stocks that hedge funds have a lot of skin in the game.
Put/Call Ratio
Put/Call Ratio = (Put Options Held by Hedge Funds) / (Call Options Held by Hedge Funds).
The Put/Call Ratio can be used to gauge overall sentiment of hedge funds regarding a particular stock expressed through their option holdings.