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A Simple Strategy
to invest in stocks
Learn by investing alongside
top performing hedge fund managers
You become more patient and disciplined
Standing on the shoulders of
top performing hedge fund managers
You outperform yourself, ultimately the market
Investment Process
Own stock
Choose a manager to follow
to follow
Follow and learn
Invest with confidence
Is this simple strategy
right for you?
if you are a fundamental and long-term investor,
if your investment objective is to outperform yourself,
if you believe learning by investing alongside top performing
hedge fund managers is the quickest way to grow your stock
investment skills.
Apply this simple strategy
to your stock
Enter stock symbol at Discover Manager wizard, you will see
up to 3 top-rated managers who hold the same stock.
Discover Manager is powered by our proprietary recommendation engine. It combines our rigorously screened hedge fund managers
and our extensive machine learning data analytics.
We have done the heavy lifting, so that you can effortlessly discover managers who match your investment objective.
Choose a manager to follow
Compare managers and choose a manager to follow.
We have created a star rating system to rate hedge fund managers based on the following key factors:
  • Performance
  • Investment Conviction
  • Easy to Follow
We recommend only the top-rated managers. All you need to do is to choose one and start to follow.
to follow
Follow and learn
Create a HMi stock and start to follow your HMi Manager
For the ease of communication, we call:
HMi Manager
a hedge fund manager you choose to follow
HMi Stock
a stock for which you have chosen a HMi manager
HMi Portfolio
a collection of your HMi stocks
HM invest makes it simple for you
to compare your stock performance vs your HMi manager,
to track the latest trading activities of your HMi manager,
to learn how your HMi manager adjust the position size and decides when to buy and sell
Invest with confidence
knowing you are in good company
Evaluate your stock's performance. Identify key areas you have done differently from your HMi Manager.
HMi analytics enables you to meansure your HMi portfolio's performance and compare it against your HMi managers in critical areas:
  • Stock Return
  • Holding Period
  • Success Rate
It helps you to easily identify which area(s) you can improve and maximize your return.
More importantly, the side-by-side analytics helps you stay patient and become more disciplined.
You succeed when you outperform yourself, outperform the market, and ultimately outperform your HMi managers.
Who's Done Better
You or Top-Rated Managers?
HMi Backtesting
A simple yet powerful tool that enables you to compare
your stock's performance against
the 5-star managers
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The most important,
and the most challenging,
is to identify the right manager.
Using the Discover Manager wizard,
all you need to do is to enter stock symbol
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